For those back and neck pain sufferers who have exhausted nonsurgical treatment options, spine surgery may be the next step in resolving a spine problem. Because spine surgery is a serious decision, it is a good idea to obtain a second opinion.

A second opinion from Maine Spinecare can provide you the following benefits:

  • Determine if you have considered all possible treatment options and if there are any other nonsurgical options can relieve symptoms without the need for surgery.
  • If spine surgery is necessary, what type of spine surgery should be performed. You many not need a complex fusion procedure that was initially recommended.
  • Are you a candidate for new artificial disc technology that would provide a better outcome.
  • Do you qualify for minimally invasive spine surgery in day surgery, and be home later that same afternoon, for a faster recovery and return to activity.

Could you benefit from a second opinion? And is it worth the time and expense to travel to a spine center?

Complete the Second Opinion form below to describe your case. After learning of your condition, the specialists at Maine Spinecare can advise you if a second opinion would be helpful and worth the expense.

Second Opinion Form

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First Opinion

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